The Perfect Purchasing In Sydney

The Perfect Purchasing In Sydney

A small but bustling hub nestled in the the central business district of Sydney Australia, westfield pitt street mall (PSM) serves the city's 4.84 million residents and countless visitors and tourists. It is at the center of a district that employs 13% of working residents in the area, and brings in an average of $64.1 million dollars. This makes PSM the beating heart of Shopping Sydney City. With over 600,000 people commuting to or visiting the city of Sydney each day, there is a lot of business being done. And business is good.

PSM is divided into five rough sections: Westfield Sydney, Strand Arcade, Mid City Centre, Glasshouse, and Sydney Arcade. Each of these offers a separate category of stores, each of which are utterly unique within the entire Mall. Within all six of these areas, nearly any state-of-the-art item an individual or family could desire can be bought there.

Westfield Sydney houses the headquarters of many brands and the locations of the flagship stores for over 360 international lifestyle, food, and fashion companies. These include Meyer Department Store (the largest in Sydney), and Australian chains like Cotton On, Cue, Sportscraft, Sportsgirl, and Supré. Also included at PSM are international chains such as The Gap, Nespresso, Nike, Sephora, and Zara. The list of the highest-end shops is topped of by Aesop, Oroton, and Sass & Bide. Over Christmas in 2015, the first Microsoft store outside North America was built and open for business in Esftield Sydney.

The Strand Arcade is one of the oldest section. Created in 1891, it hearkens back to its Victorian origins. Four flour and 70 separate boutiques are housed there. Celebrated designers like Leona Edmiston, Alannah Hill, and Alex Perry reside there, as do boutique stores including Aesop, Crumpler, and Haigh's Chocolates.

MidCity Centre is smaller than many of the other areas, accommodating only 26 stores. These, however, are of the highest quality and house Australian and international mainstays in retail. These is include General Pants Co., Rebel Sport, and Witchery (native to Australian) and several international stores including G-Star Raw, Uniqlo, and Virgin Active.

In addition to the exciting lineups of stores throughout Pitt Street Mall (which can be found online at pitt street mall, there are many renovations and changes happening that will expand and enhance the shopping experience for everyone. Bally and Country Road are two stores that stand alone in the Pitt Street Mall and are beginning to see excellent profits.

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